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When digital agency Bowaba worked with home furnishing and décor company Safat Home, the results were more than impressive. Bowaba helped Safat Home increase their click rate (the number of people who click on the company's marketing links) by 20-30 percent.

How did Bowaba do this? By creating an effective communications strategy based around the popular platform WhatsApp. With the help of Bowaba, Safat Home started using a messaging app platform, which works with WhatsApp. It allowed customers to subscribe to the Safat Home channel in order to receive marketing messages from the company.

Safat Home sent marketing newsletters through WhatsApp every couple of days, and this content generated a lot of interest. Customers could click on the links in the content and view new flyers and read about the latest special offers and discounts.

The number of people who clicked on the links in WhatsApp and viewed a Safat Home flyer increased by 20-30 percent during this campaign.

You could see similar results if you work with Bowaba for your marketing drives.

By creating an effective social media communications strategy that encompasses sites like WhatsApp, as well as Facebook and Instagram, you can generate more leads and increase sales.

Bowaba is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated omnichannel marketing campaigns across search, SEO, social, and display advertising that helps you reach your goals.

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Use Cases

use caseuse case
Analytics implementation to
measure online campaign
Here at Bowaba, our Analytics Consultation service helped fashion retailer Riva achieve their digital marketing goals. This service provided the retailer with invaluable insights into their customers as they progressed through the sales funnel, as well as intelligence for future marketing campaigns. As a result, Riva made quicker, smarter decisions about their marketing and streamlined various day-to-day tasks.
When working with Riva, we used a number of methods for its Analytics Consultation service, including smooth analytics integration, mobile app measurement (firebase) and attribution (Appsflyer) , Google Analytics set-up, conversion tags, events integration, and performance-driven campaign dashboards, which resulted in increased ROI.
use caseuse case
nbk capital
Display & Paid advertisement,
Conversion Rate Optimization
NBK Capital SmartWealth has introduced an exciting new online service: a robotic financial advisor. However, as brilliant a tool as this robo advisor is, it can't market itself. Fortunately, Bowaba is proficient at online marketing for banks. NBK Capital SmartWealth trusted the online marketing agency Bowaba to handle three marketing areas: conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and display and paid advertisement strategy.
Indeed, we're experts when it comes to online marketing in Kuwait. And our efforts here led to a steady 10 percent monthly growth in NBK Capital SmartWealth's customers as well as increased return on investment. If robots could smile, this robo advisor would be beaming.
Inbound marketing strategy
including persona creation
content mapping strategy and
content creation
A while ago, Boxit Storage wanted to integrate its inbound marketing strategy and educate people with informative, visually appealing content. It was a tall order, so Boxit called on the content marketing agency Bowaba. After all, Bowaba is an established leader in all types of marketing, from Instagram posts to video content creation in Kuwait. Bowaba responded to Boxit's request by developing personas, assembling a content map -- which included a new blog and blog posts -- and originating social media content.
use caseuse case
use caseuse case
77 josper
Website Design & Development
Recently, Bowaba's team members sidled up to a bar -- 77 Josper Bar, that is. This establishment hired the web design and development agency Bowaba to increase consumer awareness. In addition, 77 Josper Bar was seeking to move traffic from organic searches to its website more efficiently, and to get more people on the site to place orders using the Carriage delivery app.
We at Bowaba swiftly accomplished what we set out to do. Organic traffic soon went up, and 77 Josper Bar's Carriage orders increased incrementally as well.
KCPC Marble use caseKCPC Marbleuse case
KCPC Marble
Website Design & Development
KCPC Marble is a subdivision of a leading force in civil construction and infrastructure development. They’re a specialized distributor of granite, quartz and marble products as well as the exclusive supplier of sintered stones Neolith and Silestone in Kuwait.

When KCPC Marble consulted the Bowaba marketing and development team for their website design, we instantly knew they were seeking to enhance their professional digital presence. Bowaba wasted no time in laying down the foundations. We brainstormed according to a
Digital strategy Developmeent,
Execution & Optimization
Kuwait-based digital marketing strategists Bowaba recently partnered with client Asansair, an online platform that helps people in Kuwait with mobility issues. Asansair is an online platform that allows to view, compare and contact elevators companies directly.
Bowaba coordinated Asansair's digital marketing campaign as they launched their new online platform. The company's smooth digital implementation generated a 10 percent growth in leads per month, which has resulted in a substantial return-on-investment.
use caseuse case
Analytics implementation to
measure online campaign
Bowaba has more than a decade of experience in web analytics, starting in 2009. The company offers an Analytics Consultation service that helps clients with a smooth Web and Mobile Analytics experience.
Our client, has an online service called Asansair, which is a platform that supports users viewing, comparing and contacting elevator companies directly. The goal of Asansair is to simplify the process of making elevator and lift purchase decisions. Companies previously needed to put in a lot of resources to learn about their elevator options and research the right fit for their building. By connecting customers with manufacturers, suppliers and agents, Asansair improves the lives of people with mobility barriers.
use caseuse case
Display & Paid advertisement
When the vertical accelerator Savour Ventures wanted to accelerate its own business, it relied on a trusted brand: Bowaba. Savour Ventures, which specializes in food entrepreneurship, and Bowaba, the renowned online marketing agency, were able to produce delicious results.
Savour Ventures wanted to double its registration numbers during its spring and fall sign-up periods. In turn, Bowaba put together a strategy for the company that included heavy display and paid advertising. As a result, Savour Ventures' year-over-year growth was 300 percent, far surpassing its objective.
use caseuse case
use caseuse case
Display & Paid Advertising
including Messaging app
marketing (WhatsApp)
Not long ago, Riva Fashion had two major goals for its web and mobile app: to boost its conversion rate and return on investment. To realize those aims, Riva sought help from the distinguished online marketing agency Bowaba. After analyzing the company's situation, Bowaba supported Riva Fashion with display and paid advertisements as well as messaging app marketing on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
Thanks to those efforts, Riva Fashion attained a steady conversion rate for its app. In fact, the number of active users grew incrementally -- by about 20 percent -- from month to month. And its return on investment measured 500 percent.
use caseuse case
Creation of promotional videos
A fine restaurant deserves a fine marketing campaign. And, for a truly distinguished establishment like Lenotre, the most famous restaurant in Kuwait, the advertising should be as delectable as a first-class meal. Unsurprisingly, Lenotre hired the content marketing agency Bowaba for this culinary assignment.
Lenotre wanted to increase awareness and table reservations through appealing video content for social media channels, including YouTube. Bowaba's prime responsibility, then, was to create captivating and persuasive videos. Fortunately, Bowaba is a leader when it comes to restaurant content production in Kuwait.
Creation of promotional videos
On Jaber Al-Mubarak Street in Kuwait City, you'll find Lunch Room, one of Kuwait's top culinary attractions. Under the leadership of Chef Ahmad Al-Bader, a graduate of the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, this restaurant's staff carefully selects ingredients from local suppliers. And Lunch Room even grows some of its own food.
Recently, Lunch Room asked Bowaba to devise a marketing campaign with four main components: video content creation, content mapping strategy, content acquisition strategy and blogger outreach.
use caseuse case
Below Zero
Website Design & Development
Below Zero built a first-rate ice skating rink in Kuwait. It organized excellent recreational programs. Now it just needed to tell people it was open for business. Specifically, Below Zero wanted an appealing website and the highest possible Google search ranking. To reach those targets, it reached out to the web design and development agency Bowaba.
The campaign that Bowaba created for Below Zero certainly achieved its ambitions. It led to higher traffic and incremental footfall increases. Yes, thanks to our handiwork, many more people have decided to lace up their skates.
use caseuse case
use caseuse case
77 josper
Website Design & Development
When it was looking to upgrade its marketing, LaVida HR Services had clear goals. It wanted an appealing website, and it wished to rank highly on Google results pages whenever people search for human resources (HR) or logistic services in Kuwait.
Luckily, LaVida procured the talents of the web design and development agency Bowaba for this enterprise. The results have been impressive. LaVida has enjoyed increased organic traffic, and its number of leads has gone up incrementally.
use caseuse case
nbk capital
Crafting Digital strategy,
Execution & Optimization
Bowaba is a digital marketing agency that's adept at boosting customer engagement. We figure out which online platforms best showcase which aspects of an organization. The resulting plan is complex but seamless. Its hallmarks are a smooth implementation, steady user growth and increasing return on investment. It's digital marketing that drives results. Here's a great example: NBK Capital SmartWealth, which is under the National Bank of Kuwait's corporate umbrella. This company helps people achieve their financial goals with personalized, multi-asset portfolios that succeed over the long term.
Burger KingBurger King
Burger King
Fully automated WhatsApp growth solution that engages ustomers and increases click-through rates
Recently, with the help of Kuwait-based digital marketing strategists Bowaba, Burger King used a service called MessengerPeople, which works with WhatsApp. Customers subscribe to this channel if they want to receive marketing messages from Burger King on WhatsApp.

The use of MessengerPeople proved to be a huge success. Bowaba helped Burger King grow their WhatsApp channel by using a combination of different ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
Safat Home
Effective WhatsApp Solution That Optimized Communications and Click-Throughs-Rates
When digital agency Bowaba worked with home furnishing and décor company Safat Home, the results were more than impressive. Bowaba helped Safat Home increase their click rate (the number of people who click on the company's marketing links) by 20-30 percent.

How did Bowaba do this? By creating an effective communications strategy based around the popular platform WhatsApp. With the help of Bowaba, Safat Home started using a messaging app platform, which works with WhatsApp.
Safat HomeSafat Home
Brand awareness that encourages more customers to place orders.
Kuwait-based digital marketing company Bowaba recently partnered with a bakery called Chestnut to increase brand awareness. The bakery, which has a delivery-only business model, uses a service called Carriage to deliver customer orders. However, they wanted more people to know about these delivery services. This is where Bowaba came in.

The partnership has been a resounding success. Since Bowaba teamed up with Chestnut, the bakery has increased the number of people who order from Carriage.
Effective Instagram campaign
for a branch launch
Digital agency Bowaba recently worked with Habra – a restaurant that uses the highest-quality meats to create delicious steak meals. Habra (which translates to "the best cut of meat" in Arabic) launched a new branch in Avenues and wanted to increase online visibility and awareness.

Bowaba stepped in and produced an effective Instagram campaign with content creation that focused on photography and videography. The Kuwait-based digital marketing specialists managed Habra's Instagram account and posted regular content about the restaurant's delicious meals, as well as lifestyle images for engagement. They also promoted the restaurant's catering service.


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