The Growing Importance of Google Local SEO During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Local SEO allows online consumers to connect with and find local shops, restaurants, and other businesses in their area. And it enables local businesses to get found. 

Since local businesses are everywhere, they offer consumers the most convenient options for purchasing goods and services amid the pandemic.

With countless travel restrictions and supply chain issues, locals are looking to give their business to brands near them more than the big corporations. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to have a strong local search presence. Here are a few ways you can improve your Google local SEO strategy.

Update Business Hours

Since the lockdown rules are constantly changing, businesses are required to not only function within the permitted working hours but also inform customers about them. And the only convenient way of doing that is through local SEO. 

Set up your Google My Business and regularly update your business hours to avoid providing your customers with a poor experience. Google is accounting for more than 86% of global traffic in 2021, so not having a GMB strategy can literally cost you a lot of business. 

Communicate through Google Posts

Google Posts is an excellent tool to share content and updates with your customers, whether it’s through photos, events, stories, GIFs, or videos. 

By breaking away from using text-only updates, Google Posts provides you with new ways to engage and better connect with customers and prospects. 

Google Posts allows you to break away from text-only updates by including images, videos, and stories. With Google Posts, you can maintain an authentic online presence and keep your customers in the loop about what matters most.

Improve customer reviews

According to Accenture’s survey, “56% of consumers are shopping in neighborhood stores or buying more locally sourced products, with 79% and 84% respectively planning to continue with this behavior into the longer term.” 

But they won’t buy from you just because you are nearby. You need to give them a convincing reason to invest in your service. So, having a positive online presence can come in handy.

54% of customers read online reviews before shopping in stores. That’s why it is critical for businesses to pay attention to both negative and positive reviews as well as tend to them accordingly. 

Be local before global

Globalization made it incredibly convenient for businesses to reach audiences across the world. In the quest for a global customer base, countless brands ignored local business and relationships as the latter requires more time and energy, although it might seem easy. 

With so many customers supporting local businesses, it is time for you to reciprocate the love, too. Use local SEO to connect with your neighborhood. Support local causes and use your platforms to amplify small community efforts. 

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