Increasing Importance of Video Marketing in 2020

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By: Munira H. Alanjari

Video content is a lot more engaging than a static image or a text page, and it’s easy to see why. Video content in business, if done right, can give the viewer a beautiful experience of getting to know the brand, product, or service better.

But when a video is done really right, you can actually get the viewer so excited about it that they end up sharing it with their friends - and this is how you get your customers to do your marketing for you!

So, how do you get viewers excited about your video content?

Videos are simple to create. While there is certainly a bias towards higher quality videos, decent quality videos can be taken on your smartphones, and you can easily find affordable editing softwares to produce remarkable videos at home.

To ensure your video gets the attention it deserves, you need to first determine your content by creating a brief story board:

  • Tell your story; with or without words: you don’t have to talk to tell your story, you can use footage, images, music and even text. Do what feels right for you and for the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Use high quality footage: you want to keep your audience engaged with your content by having really great quality footage.
  • Use subtitles: a lot of people have their phones on silent when browsing social media, so why not grab their attention with subtitles instead of having them scroll down simply because they can’t “hear” what you have to say?
  • Stay true to your brand: communicate your content in your own unique way that reflects the vision and values of your brand

Why is video marketing important?

Once you get people to click on your page, the challenge is to get them to engage, and ultimately make a purchase. Having video content on your pages reduces your bounce rates, and encourages people to explore your site to learn more about your products and/ or services.  

Produce your own!

Video is easy to share across multiple platforms, and we like it because it can potentially give a sizeable return on investment (ROI) across various channels.

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