Partnership with Facelift

Dec jan2 bowaba jan fb2

Bowaba recently formed a partnership with Facelift Cloud, an innovative system that connects all your social media channels from an easy-to-use platform. And we’re proud to say that Facelift’s services have proven extremely effective in the domain of social media marketing. 

Facelift Cloud is compatible with all mainstream social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube - all managed through a highly interactive dashboard.  Users can seamlessly cycle through each social media effort on multi-channels with their marketing team and partners - all in a matter of clicks. 

The Facelift Cloud offers a comprehensive range of built-in tools that will make your advertising and marketing processes a breeze. With Facelift’s all-in-one service, you’ll be publishing, managing content and generating reports across various social media channels with unprecedented ease.  

You’ll be receiving the latest news, feedback and insights from every inch of the digital landscape - basically keeping you constantly in the loop so you’ll be assured of making the perfect marketing decisions every time. Users may also set up customized alerts that notify incoming trends and threats to avoid communications crises and risks.  

Additionally, Facelift Cloud ensures the highest standards in user experience at all times.We’re talking about an effective technical support team that will troubleshoot every problem on a granular level to eliminate dreadful downtime. 

We’re glad to present Facelift Cloud’s impressive platform to the Middle East. Together, we aim to simplify the social media marketing process so users can spend less resources while scoring a greater outreach. Your Facelift Cloud journey begins here and we strongly believe this will be a profitable way to kickstart your campaigns.

If you are interested in one of our services, please give us a call at 66605095