Top 7 Reasons for a Revamped Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021 to Accelerate Results

May bowaba google   blogpost

According to marketing experts, “today’s dynamic market demands faster, more targeted decision-making than ever before.” In 2021, you don’t just have to be data-driven but you also need to be quick to catch up with the trends before they change if you want to survive. 

Since an old and tired digital marketing strategy is as good as none, here are 7 reasons to revamp your online marketing activities for faster results. 

  • To adapt to the low spending potential

People are hesitant to spend because they aren’t sure about the economy. In 2021, businesses need to establish low-risk investment touchpoints on their sites to increase engagement before asking them to commit to a bigger investment. (Ex. setting up a free consultation with the customers before asking them to buy an entire skincare kit).   

  • To cater to the changing preferences

Search terms have changed post-COVID-19. So, your old SEO strategy won’t help you rank your business anymore. From local SEO to advertising, businesses ought to completely revamp their digital marketing activities in 2021.  

  • To shift to social media

There are 3+ billion people on social media. At least 1% of them can be a potential target for your business. And they are waiting to hear from your brand because they can’t reach you. If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t incorporate social media marketing, you need to transform. 

  • To personalize

In 2021, people want faster checkouts and an easier shopping experience with your brand. Personalization can help you increase your brand’s ROI between 12% and 35% if done properly, as it can save your customer’s time. 

  • To offer faster brand responses

If you snooze, you lose. Customers want brands to respond within 30 minutes before forming a customer experience opinion about their company. Since it isn’t always possible to do that, embracing online automation is essential. It can increase the influx of new customers drive up sales by 101% and overall revenue by 31% year over year.

  • To build a positive online reputation

All business is happening online. If your online word-of-mouth isn’t beaming with positivity, you won’t have much business. Revamping your digital marketing strategy can help manage your online reputation and provide you with a glorious overall web presence to set you up for 2021. 

  • To incorporate video marketing

87% of video marketers admitted that videos give them a positive ROI. This year, businesses need to embrace video marketing beyond YouTube and social media. From landing pages to emails, video marketing needs to be a priority in your new digital marketing strategy. 

All businesses - whether old or new or big or small - felt the trauma of the pandemic in 2020. None was prepared. But you can prevent this year from being a whirlwind of uncertainties and financial losses. Speak to our digital experts and future-proof your online business today.