The Impact of COVID-19 on the Marketing Mix in 2020 and Onward

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Like a boring movie with no end in sight, this lockdown has got us all trapped inside our own homes, confined to rotating between spending time on our mobile phones, TV, laptop screens. While it may seem like this is not the perfect time to start thinking about business and marketing strategy, on the contrary, we think there’s a silver lining. The very fact that everyone is spending nearly all the time glued to their phones and televisions tells us that online businesses have never been more optimally poised to benefit from digital marketing.

Innovation is key. While it’s important to be vigilant about treading sensitive topics, the public appreciates some comic relief during these troubled times. Leading brands have set an example by tackling issues like safety and health concerns through creative videos, billboards, and posters— urging people to stay inside their homes to flatten the curve.

These marketing campaigns, while fulfilling social responsibility, also elevates the brand’s image in people’s minds. It’s about making sure that your consumer base does not forget about you. Brands are also figuring out that communication is vital— consumers tend to lean towards a message that emphasizes togetherness, a sense of community, and providing value.

At Bowaba, we understand which strategies are the most effective when it comes to marketing your business. The world of marketing is undergoing a revolution, to say the least, and the only way to survive it is to roll with the punches. At the moment, content is king and will continue to be in the coming months. Marketing will most likely need to undergo another transformation once things return to normal and the team at Bowaba is more than prepared to help your business become agile, adapt and pivot quickly when the situation calls for it. From online and content marketing to digital strategy, we’ve got everything covered. Contact us today for a detailed consultation regarding your marketing needs.

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