Top 5 Instagram Advanced Tactics for An Impactful and Engaging Campaign

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38% of marketers regularly use Instagram’s ad platform because the platform offers higher engagement than Facebook and Twitter combined. So, if you are planning to launch an impactful Instagram ad campaign, here are some advanced tactics that you should definitely have a look at. 

1. Hero user-generated content
Customers love being part of brands that they love. Promoting user-generated content solidifies your relationship with your customers and helps increase post engagement. 

Besides, by pushing user-generated content, you are helping them increase their exposure and showcase their talent to more people, which might result in better prospects for them, as well.  

Note: Before greenlighting your Instagram ad campaign, ensure to secure permission from the artist whose work you are seeking to promote. It will allow you to avoid resentments among your audiences.     

2. Target local customers using Facebook Ads’ location feature
Social media ads are all about being in the right place at the right time. Hence, Instagram allows you to not only target people within a specific location but also lets them find you using the ‘map’ feature. All you need to do is plan your ad campaign according to your buyer persona and wait for the conversion rates to skyrocket. 

3. Promote videos with the right CTA button
Not only do 90% of customers make purchasing decisions based on the videos that they watch but almost everyone who watches them is likely to share them with others, too. 

In fact, videos get shared 12x more than texts and photos together. So, it isn’t a surprise that 83% of marketers report getting the best ROI from videos. 

Tip:  Videos with well-thought-out call-to-action buttons experience better conversions than those that have irrelevant CTAs. Therefore, plan them before running Instagram ads. 

4. Track more than just vanity metrics
Actionable metrics are more important than vanity metrics. They allow you to identify specific pain points as well as those elements of your content, which are clicking with your audience. 

Image source: CleverTap

When running ads, pay attention to audience participation (i.e. comments, DMs, captions under reposts, or even the remarks on story reshares). If they find certain aspects of your ad problematic, analyze them and take measures to alter them. 

5. Don’t run ads that look like ads
People are more likely to interact with an ad that appears in their feed like a regular post. If it isn’t flashy and overselling, viewers won’t mind engaging with your ads. 

Additionally, “human faces are 38% more likely to receive likes than photos with no faces.” According to an Instagram study, people look at faces because they are a “powerful channel of non-verbal communication.” 

They help us personify brands, allowing them to establish a quicker connection with the audience and get more clicks by using humans in ads.