What are Native Ads and Why Should You Invest in Them?

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What is native advertising?

In today’s digital world, our brains have adapted to disregard any piece of content that does not match the platform we are on.

When you’re visiting your favorite shopping site, for example, aren’t you somewhat indifferent to most of the ads that appear on that page? This is due to the fact that our minds prefer the aesthetically pleasing (psychology 101 - but that’s a topic for another day!)

A generally accepted definition for native advertising: it is a term used to describe all types of adverts that match the form and function of the platform upon which they appear.

Simply put - it’s an ad that doesn’t look or feel like an ad at first glance.

To better understand this, let’s take a look at non-native advertising first: 

A banner ad is an example of non-native ads. It’s a form of paid advertising on the internet, which links your ad to a website that offers advertising space at a cost. The goal here is to drive traffic from that website to your platforms, if and when people choose to click on your ad.

Why are native ads more effective?

Famous Instagram personality, Karen Wazen (@KarenWazen), has her own eyewear brand. She uses her personal instagram account to post lifestyle pictures of herself and her daily life, while very subtly tagging her business account (@ByKarenWazen) wherever relevant, with a call-to-action encouraging her followers to purchase her products:

This type of advertising is so natural, and doesn’t feel forced. 

The trick is to express yourself exactly as you normally do, while giving a subtle nod to whatever it is you’re advertising or selling.

Another form of native advertising is through someone else’s platform.

Sirdab Lab (@Sirdab_Lab) is a platform and co-working space that brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, where they can collaborate to build digital products, and launch their tech startups. 

Due to their large number of followers, many local businesses utilize Sirdab Lab’s social media platforms to advertise their products and/ or services. The cost for this type of collaboration could potentially be a lot less than traditional paid advertising, while ensuring you target the correct demographic.

The same logic applies here; you are sharing your product or service organically, without forcing people to leave the platform they are on.

The aim is to get people excited about your ad casually and naturally, by strategically placing it on a platform where the existing follower base is already interested in this type of content, so they can repost, or tag their friends, giving your brand the most exposure for a relatively low cost -  This ensures follower gain & retention for the host as well - (also a topic for another day!)

Native ads receive higher clicks per minute

According to Nexus White Paper, native display ads are about 9 times more likely to receive a higher click-through-rate in comparison to traditional paid advertising. These high click-through-rates are certainly an indication of interest from followers, which in turn drive more purchases/ conversions.

Keep your content relevant to the platform!

When planning your next online campaign, it’s worth looking into how you could utilize native advertising for your brand’s benefit. 

Make sure to:

  • Keep the content relevant to the platform you are on
  • Come up with engaging content to encourage re-posts, tags, and shares
  • Go for an effortless look without excessive branding in order to stay true to the “native” feel

Did you enjoy learning about Native Ads?

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