What is Remarketing And Why And When To Use it?

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In the age of technology, people are constantly on their laptops, smartphones, and other devices. There is so much content on the internet that as marketers, one of our main jobs is to grab attention— and hold it.

Remarketing is a crucial part of online marketing- when a customer visits a website for the first time, they’ll rarely make a purchase on their first visit. In the long run, that doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that they return to the website.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When a potential customer leaves your website, chances are they’ll forget about it; they may even think they don’t need the services or products that the company provides. The next step is to add this potential consumer to a remarketing list by tagging them with a cookie. This cookie acts like a GPS tracker that tracks their activity on the internet. Now your personalized campaign follows them faithfully, quietly encouraging them to go back to your brand and make a purchase. Facebook’s Pixel and Google Ads are powerful remarketing tools that create a custom audience for you, based on their browsing history that makes your remarketing campaign doubly effective.

Timing is Everything

Remarketing can backfire if you don’t choose the number of ads wisely; only target an audience who have already interacted with your brand- who purchased before or added something to their cart.

Bowaba worked with Riva Fashion to increase its conversion rate of active users by about 20% every month by strategically placing Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media ads; along with a 500% ROI.

If your business has good prospects but is seeing a low return rate of customers, remarketing is your go-to tool. Contact us today at 66605095