What Are Zero Click Searches and How to Create Content Accordingly?

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Zero-click Google searches increased to 65% in 2020 and businesses are not taking it well. 

Zero click searches are algorithmic results, which appear at the top of the search and answer your question before you even click on the results. 

Google began adding zero-click searches in 2018 and they quickly gained popularity. In their announcement, they described it as “intelligently [shown] subtopics that are most relevant to what you’re searching for.” 

While zero-click searches significantly improve user experience, it is quite common to find content-creating businesses being upset with the poor traffic, which accompanies this feature. 

But the fear of poor traffic should not stop you from creating zero-click search content. Because that can’t be further from the truth. 

Has Google been messing with your traffic?

Since countless businesses have been showing their concern about featured snippets hurting their organic traffic, Google recently put the worries to rest in their official response

They stated user search intent and patterns as the reason for the rise in zero-click searches. “People don’t always know how to word their queries when they begin searching. They might start with a broad search, like “sneakers” and, after reviewing results, realize that they actually wanted to find “black sneakers.” 

So, before they narrow down their search, this little action often leads to them not clicking on several web pages. And that’s an acceptable explanation considering the fact that Google has increased the amount of traffic they send to the open web

Why should businesses plan their content around zero-click searches?

Zero-click searches still require the user to click through from the search results page to your website if they wish to get complete information. The only difference is that this way, the user has to make one less click than if they were to go to your site through a typical search routine.

So, when Google’s algorithm chooses your site as a featured snippet, it allows you to enhance your brand visibility and boost its authority on the subject. And that’s why zero-click searches are so worth it.

How to become a zero-click search

First off, you ought to focus on targeting question-based search terms and keywords. Since definitions and instant answers have a higher chance of ranking as a zero-click search, you can boost your likelihoods if you form your content in a Q&A format. 

Besides, ensure that you create high-quality content with optimized & relevant images. Sticking to this basic content marketing rule will always pay off. 

And most importantly, spend time structuring your featured snippet in the SEO section as it will certainly improve your probability of ranking.  

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